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Bob Sousa

Bob Sousa

RETRATOS DO TEATRO, Editora Unesp, 2013.

JFPA is director, author, researcher and dramaturg. His most recent work takes place at the SpielArt in Munich, as an intervention at the City Museum, now integrating the program of this museum: "Content.Manifest", from the work of Aimé Césaire to discuss aspects of colonial violence as a chapter of European modernity and laboratory of contemporary practices. He studied cinema and philosophy, with a doctorate in aesthetics and contemporary philosophy, on the work of Brecht (USP). In 1997 he created the group Teatro de Narradores (that existed until 2017), and collaborates with the group of "black theater" Os Crespos. He is a professor at the School of Dramatic Art at USP. He is also curator of festivals, seminars and meetings, and essayist. He directs shows with other groups and has produced performances and interventions that discuss issues about black and Indian experience in Brazil, and aspects of postcolonial life and what Achille Mbembe calls the black becoming of the world.

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